One of Kirra’s favourite movie was ‘10 things I hate about you’ and in it there’s a line that says “I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be........ whelmed?” 

Well Tom and I are feeling........ whelmed. There is nothing in this investigation that is more than we can handle and the response we have gotten has been over whelming 

The thought of starting this podcast was just that -  a thought.  Now we are find ourselves in deep water - too  deep to turn around. Like a cave tunnelling its way through the earth, there are many twists and turns that can easily disorientate you. Sometimes it’s hard to know which way is up. It feels at times like Tom and I have very little control over what’s going on. But we have a purpose and a plan; and that  is to tell a story that everyone needs to hear. The story of a life that ended far to soon. The end is our beginning.  It would be naive to think this would be easy. Every spare moment has been spent on this project, and so far it’s been worth it.

It’s midnight. I need something to keep me awake, so I pour another drink. My brother’s home brew packs a punch. You’d think it would put me to sleep but my mind is working on overtime. I’m currently editing an episode which for me is quite a task. The learning curve is steep and the content extreme. I’m listening to a mother explain her only daughter’s death that to this day is unsolved and appears unnoticed. As parents, we cannot imagine how intense and unrelenting the pain and grief must be. 

We were always told, “don’t trust  strangers” but statistically speaking if you are killed, it will likely be at the hand of a loved one. This is alarming but true.

To quote Alison “men like that, when it comes down to it really have no balls.” I agree. But it’s not what I know, it’s what I can prove. 

Jamie Pultz

At work

At work

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